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Also known as SMC.

This is the stuff that all C4 Corvettes are made of.

It’s similar to fiberglass, but much more durable.

The only issu...
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Subject: Re: 21 OCTOBER
by bogus on 2018/10/21 21:52:21

I am still around... sorry for being such a slum lord... still aiming to upgrade this place... just been super hectic.

Work has been an issue due to some network hardware failures.

As for the Liz Warren and the Native American thing? I did the same DNA test... and what my Mom told me was barely in alignment... She said she was English, Scottish and Dutch, with some Jewish thrown in.

Well, indicated 54% Eastern European, no real surprise there, because my Dad was Polish/Russian.

The next numbers were a bit shocking... 20% Nordic, 13% Irish, and a smattering of French, Spanish and Italian. The French part makes sense, because bastet44 traced my Mom's maiden name, Deck, all the way back to a French name of Deque (or something like that).

What does this mean? Oral histories are not always accurate. is independently owned and operated. This site is not associated with or financially supported by General Motors.

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