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Subject: Re: TOOSDAY DE 25TH
by TommyT-Bone on 2019/6/25 14:30:21

I like the way you think tee, using the repair shop in town. Make sure you open the hood and check their work though. I just had a master cylinder changed and they didn't hook up a wire, left my blower air filter resting on the wheel well, another sensor was not connected and a couple of electrical wires left resting on the manifold. The shop owner is a friend. I'm gonna give him an earful plus get everything done right. It's the guys working for him. I told him before they don't have any attention to detail. I have to remember in the future to have him show me what they did BEFORE I take the car back. My buddy is knowledgeable, excellent at diagnostics and he's a good mechanic but he has guys working for him that just do what he tells them to. Replace this, do that. Needs better quality control. is independently owned and operated. This site is not associated with or financially supported by General Motors.

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