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The automatic from 1992-1993. The same as the 700R4, just has a different name.

Either way, they are junk. There are some minor differences on a ...
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Monday Chat 06.13.22

Subject: Monday Chat 06.13.22
by Matatk on 2022/6/13 5:32:12

Good Morning CGs!

Guess I finally beat Gris to the punch.

Sorry I was MIA for the weekend. I finally got all of my brake parts for the mustang to complete the master cylinder swap. What a disaster. The 88 MC is a three port design (stupid) and the 93 cobra is a 2 port design. There's a company that sells a reasonably priced line and adapter kit prebent to hook everything up. Great I'm theory. In actuality the lower port flare nut was rusted to the line and snapped off when removing it. I tried to cut it and reflare it farther down but it didn't work out. Didn't find the small drip until bleeding failed. Ended up having to buy a short length of line and coil it then splice in a union. Got that done and still couldn't get a pedal...wouldn't stop leaking from the union. WTF. Back to the parts store and got another union and this one finally worked. This took the better part of two days for about 8 hours total. For a MC swap that should have taken 2 hours. It includes trips to the store and whatnot but still way too long. Done for now. The brakes are better but still nowhere close to "modern" standards. Another fun surprise was Ford using aix of metric and SAE fasteners on the car, just like GM in the 80s. Thanks for that.

Next project is the radio. The front speaker has three separate sets of wires running to it from "mechanics" along the way. Can't wait.

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