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Originally designed by John Lingenfelter at LPE and manufactured by Accell, the SuperRam was the 1st aftermarket intake to improve upon the stock lon...
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Re: Thusday Chat 05.18.23

Subject: Re: Thusday Chat 05.18.23
by TommyT-Bone on 2023/5/19 1:19:06

Not that I ever have an opinion on anything but I shared this with our local Nextdoor page.

"Florida is a hotbed of development. Even rural areas north are feeling the impact. Realignmenting of American farming, affordable housing sites and wide open spaces are all contributing to the demise of the once great hometown feel of Homestead. Now it's lost. Much of it at the the hands of families that have lived in Homestead for decades. Crime is rampant. Kendall back in the 70's is a flashback of what's eroding Homestead now. You would think that governing bodies would have learned through previous mistakes. There you go thinking again. Well at least you'll have a new Flanagan's, Chik Fil A and Canes. Lots more to follow. The consumer driven society is at work." is independently owned and operated. This site is not associated with or financially supported by General Motors.

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