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1994-1996, the 4L60 with Electronic Control. From what I have seen, it seems a bit more durable....
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Re: 9-10-23 The Sunday Chat

Subject: Re: 9-10-23 The Sunday Chat
by teebee on 2023/9/11 3:13:48

Hey guys, not a great day for us here. Left KC heading south to Wichita. Stopped to see FIL at the rest home where he is at. He is not doing well. He did recognize us. But is very drugged up and slept most of the time, so we headed on home. Since our last trip there they have opened up a new section of road which made us go out of our way about a hour. Making the trip not just an hour longer going through Wichita but another hour. (Note 2 extra hours) As we were about ten minutes out of the 'city' we called our GS and found he doesn't work tomorrow and will be watching GGD himself. So we headed on home. About 10 miles from home it started raining...hailing nasty storm. Beat the hell out of the Caddy. Broke out the moon roof and back window, smashed the windshield and beat the hell out of the body. As bad as it was, Rosie and I were not hurt, we didn't, luckily, have GGD as she would have been facing the back glass which was totally obliterated and glass covering her car seat.

I'm sure that the car is totaled. The search for a replacement is already started. Even if they don't total it I'm not going to keep it. Water was pouring in through the broken moonroof into the overhead console and into the dash. is independently owned and operated. This site is not associated with or financially supported by General Motors.

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