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Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend  Coil over
The term coil over means having a coil spring coaxial with the shock absorber. In terms of a Corvette, it replaces the leaf spring.

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Minor top-end Engine Buildup ideas....

Subject: Minor top-end Engine Buildup ideas....
by brut on 2011/3/23 0:36:27

Took the 350 out of the '71 vette(non-original) to put in the '76. The reason is that the original motor out of the '76 is in pieces due to a bad cam bearing. Since I have a complete running motor out of a car that needs a body off resto anyway, I figured I would go ahead and put the motor from it into the '76 and drive it around and try to sell it(along with the numbers matching block).

So, taking the top end off the 350 I found that the block is a 1983 350 with 165HP However the heads are:

"3973487X. The regular casting was found on the 1971-1972 350 LT-1 engines, had 1.94/1.50" valves, 76CC combustion chambers, DO have accessory holes, intake port volume should be 161CC's, exhaust port volume should be 65CC's. The 487X had 2.02/1.60" valves."

I have the "487X" heads which supposedly have a increase of 10CC in the intake runners. I am not sure if they are 1.94/1.5 or not yet.

The motor has good power, just not sure what has been done to it. Don't want to spend a lot of money to put it into a car that will be sold eventually anyway..however do want it to be fun to drive for me and prospective buyers.

So, obviously I am going to have the heads cleaned and checked out, probably a valve job since the old ones are pretty rough.

So, gimme some ideas on what you think a good cam choice would be for those heads and the Eldebrock Performer Manifold?

I want decent power and good sound. 350HP would be good if possible. is independently owned and operated. This site is not associated with or financially supported by General Motors.

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