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Automatic Transmission - 4 Speed

1st Gear: 2.43
2nd Gear: 1.49
3rd Gear: 1.00
4th Gear: 0.75

Reverse: 2.07

- Used in production GM models...
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rklessdriver 09-10-2016 MPC Real Street Race
Senior Guru
Woodbridge, VA
1311 Posts
Member since:
2008/1/4 0:00

Well this months race didn't produce and progress but we didn't go backwards either. I felt really confident coming into last weekend after all the progress we made at last months Friday night race.

I started with the same tune up and Progressive Nitrous Controller settings.

20%-35% in .30 second then 35% to 100% all in by .80 second.

In Q1 The car left good then rattled the tires something fierce about 50 feet out. I had to peddle the car. Went a 5.70@126MPH with a 1.25 60ft.

Fearing that the track wasn't going to be as good I backed the Progressive ramp down some for Q2.

20% to 35% in .35 second and 35% to 100% all in by .85 second.

Car left OK went A-B with no drama what so ever. 5.45@126MPH with a 1.25 60ft.

I should have left it alone as the track had tightened up considerably in Q2.

For E1 I had a turbo car and a very fast one that was having some problems in qualifying.... I actually was the fastest of us in qualifying and had lane choice. This was BTW the first time this season I had managed to qualify in the top half of the field.

I put the ramp back to what it rattled the tires with in Q1.

The light came down and I cut what felt like a good light.... My car rocketed off and I could see my opponent in the side mirror.... at the 1-2 shift I could see he was making up ground, like all turbo cars do.... at the 330ft I could see him at my door and I pushed down harder on the pedal.... At the line it was tight but he got the win light by .05sec.

My car went 5.43@127MPH with a 1.22 60ft. He went a 5.41@132MPH... don't remember what his 60ft was. I cut a .060 Light to his actually slightly better .030....

Sucked big time to loose that race. I should have done something more aggressive with the Progressive Controller ramps or maybe added a little extra fuel pressure to the tune up to see if it would picked up any...

I did pull around and make a test hit after E1 but I messed up my Progressive Controller settings... specifically I forgot to reset the 2nd ramps start time..... Was trying to shorten up the first ramp and overall time but just messed up....

I ended up with 20% to 35% in .15 second then 35%-100% starting at .30 second and all in by .80 second. The car left hard then kinda nosed over for .2 second and took off again. Went 5.48@125MPH with a 1.25 60ft.

So for October I am going to try...

20% to 35% in .25 second then 35% to 100% all in by .8 second and see if that does anything good. Also going to add a little fuel pressure to the nitrous tune up for sure as the Density Altitude will be much lower with the onset of fall and my tune up is currently straight up as lean as I care to run it right now.

I don't have any video other than what was poseted on the FB page. Look for my E1 pass/race in the "First Round Live" video.

Thanks Gurus.
Posted on: 2016/9/14 15:30
1984 Corvette. 434 SBC with a Powerglide.
Best pass - 8.48@160MPH 1.23 60ft on MT 275/60R15 Radials.

1972 Corvette. LS5 454 BBC with M20 4 speed.
Best Pass - Doing good to just pass a gas station.
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BillH Re: 09-10-2016 MPC Real Street Race
The Stig Moderator
22702 Posts
Member since:
2007/12/25 0:00

Racing's never easy, is it?

As long as you're not going backwards...............

We won't be at the track until October either.
And this one is 2 different events that will take 4 days, going to be exhausting especially if we have more problems with the car.
Posted on: 2016/9/14 22:58
Every man dies but not every man lives.
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