SuperRam Intake System

Submitter: BeachBum

SuperRam Intake System

Originally designed by John Lingenfelter at LPE and manufactured by Accell, the SuperRam was the 1st aftermarket intake to improve upon the stock long tube type intake runner of the L98 motor.

The SuperRam utilizes a shortened runner and large plenum to increase available rpm by approxmiately 500-1000 rpm while maintaing and even increasing peak torque. A user of the SuperRam can expect power levels in the 375-425 HP with 420-450 ftlbs of peak torque with a 350 modified with headers and an aftermarket cylinder head/cam combination, which is a substantial improvement over the stock TPI capability. Examples of these set-ups running into the 11's exist.

The SuperRam has a reputation as being a difficult manifold to install. It does have more fasteners due to the larger plenum base and of course plenum lid, however, the only real difficulty with a Superram is the inside plenum belly bolts, which can be a little difficult to get too from both sides. Many different approaches to this small problem, including slotting the bolt, thus you can bring the fastener easily up from the top. Some will even bore the plenum lid holes out and simply bring up the fasterner utilizing a washer & nut from inside the plenum. While extremely easy to install with this method, the risk of a nut backing out inside your plenum does exist.

However, with experience, a SuperRam can be installed with no more than 1 hour extra spent vs other TPI type intakes.

The SuperRam is no longer produced, but can be found 2nd hand at various used part websites.

Submitted on:  Mon, 05-Jan-2009, 19:26