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Guru Rules and Standards for Posting

Subject: Guru Rules and Standards for Posting
by bogus on 2011/1/1 18:53:29

These are the basic rules and guidelines for which to post by. In short, I don't want this site to spiral down into a pit of naked ladies and smack talk. But, at the same time, we are adults here and I like to treat people as such.

So, to the rules:

1. No nudes. Nada. Nothing. Skimpy bathings suits (and such) are OK, but confine them to the established Hot Chick Friday tradition.

2. No linking to sexy pictures. Even if they are OK by standard, take the moment to save the image and re-upload it to the Guru. Why? I don't want URLs to potential porn sites on active threads (I have a master explanation, down this page a bit!).

3. Language... There is no forum censor. I refuse to do that. However, if someone goes off, the thread may be cleaned up. In general, language is up to the poster. Remember, we are adults here.

4. Cross-linking from other sites. Other than the restriction on newspapers (see front page), which really isn't much of a restriction, there aren't any. If you see a thread on another forum that you think the folks here would enjoy reading - SHARE IT! Same goes for an eBay ad, or Craigslist posting. Share the damned thing. This is the Internet, and that is what it is designed for, SHARING of information.

5. If you think something is not for everyone, then tell us. Add [NWS] to the title. Not Work Safe. This also means, Not Wife Safe. Could also mean Not Wuss Safe. Take your pick, it is simply a outside the norm and pushed the boundaries of a normal discussion.

6. [NWS] is not a free-for-all, either! It does not allow for gross images, naked women, sex videos... it does allow for that funny as hell You Tube video where the dude is constantly yell "WTF!?!?!", when the Civic plows into the row of shopping carts.

7. There will be people who join we don't agree with, that's fine. No need to gang up and slaughter that person, just move on.

8. Flames... this is tricky. There are times when it is deserved. But if the flame goes beyond reason, then it will get nipped. At the same time, I will not just delete a thread without letting the membership know. I hate that kind of backroom politics; all it does in engender distrust with the admin. Transparent administration is the only way to fly!

9. does not actively protect or isolate vendors. If they screw up, tell us. If they kick ass, tell us! If you see a product that someone sells, tell us! You see, if we kept them insulated from reality, they lose out on not know what the trends really are. At the same time, we are doing a disservice to our membership by not allowing it to be shared. Now, if you rant about a vendor for no good reason, trust me, it will be dealt with quickly.

The basic idea here is to make sure the Guru does NOT get blocked by network filters. If you are at work, and your network admin sees linkages to porn sites, sure, they have been blocked, but that still means your name is attached to that link. Over time, that could cause you issue. Or, they figure that CG is providing that link, and blocks us accordingly. Take your pick. I want our members to be able to check this place from work without worry.

Why the limits on nudes and such? Let's be honest, this is the Internet. If you type in "nude women" in Google, you get about 5,860,000 results in 0.08 seconds!!! You don't need them posted here!

In general, keep it at PG-13 and we are OK. Language can go beyond, but within reason and with the proper warnings. For the most part, I should only ever see an NWS in OT. No where else.

It comes down to this: We are adults. I really hate sites that try to be "family friendly." It is a joke; when was the last time a 10-year-old kid actually cared to log into a forum of this nature? It just won't happen. From an intellectual standpoint, they would be unable or uninterested to keep up. It is a fantasy that satisfies the whimsy of a few overly sensitive people. And if someone is that overly sensitive, I don't want them around, whining about every little perceived injustice.

The crack moderator staff is empowered to enforce these rules. If you have a complaint; see me. I want transparency between the membership and the administration, this works both ways. If someone has a concern, I need to know so I can help fix it, if possible. Not all problems are fixable, but they all must be heard.

JUST HAVE FUN! We are here learn and share knowledge. Some of us know more; some less. But we are all in this together!

This is a living document. As such, I may fine tune it. If I ever make a huge change (for example, banning eBay ads for some strange reason), I would make a big deal out of it. Otherwise, check it from time to time and just be familiar. If you see a grammatical error or something doesn't make sense, let me know, I will fix it.


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