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Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend  Sheet Molded Compound
Also known as SMC.

This is the stuff that all C4 Corvettes are made of.

It’s similar to fiberglass, but much more durable.

The only issu...
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Re: Friday Chat 02.24.12

Subject: Re: Friday Chat 02.24.12
by BillH on 2012/2/24 22:56:22

A day in the life:

Beautiful day, sunny, warm.

I took the C4 out for a drive, had a high dollar lunch at Taco Bell.Smilie

Came home and a 1994 FSM on my door step.

That's when the fight started  er, things went downhill.

Noticed a drain pipe with a very small leak in the garage, what was it leaking on?? My freekin' cleaned up C2 differential which now has rust stripes on it.bandhead

So, I thought I'd do some sanding on the C2 door. I had nitrile gloves on and wondered why they felt wet inside, I somehow gashed the back of my hand and had a glove full of blood.bandhead

And when I turned around to pull the glove off, the C2 door fell off the table and on to the concrete. bandheadbandhead


I was scared chitless backing the C4 into the garage.laughing6

I'm on the couch for the remainder, don't want to walk around too much, I might run into a wall. laughing9 is independently owned and operated. This site is not associated with or financially supported by General Motors.

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