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This is data compiled by CentralCoaster. It lists all the bolt sizes for a stock L98 intake manifold and some of the attachments.

These are commo...
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NC Kid Few pics.....more later
Elite Guru
North Carolina
1671 Posts
Member since:
2006/11/27 0:00





Posted on: 2012/3/15 17:38
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NC Kid Re: Few pics.....more later
Elite Guru
North Carolina
1671 Posts
Member since:
2006/11/27 0:00

To big but i can't get them to downsize anymore. My stupid photobucket is not cooperating. Anyway, theres the Corbeau seats bolted in and ready to go. New rotors/painted calipers, just took a few snaps. Im about ready for lunch and I am applying RainX and Invisable Glass so I will shoot some more later when I pull it out.

About to pick up a PCV for the left valve cover. I am sure mine is shot and it's a little oily and it's the OEM one...It's only 3 dollars so what the heck, Ill do it and use 2 minutes of my time. ))
Posted on: 2012/3/15 17:48
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Ultraman Re: Few pics.....more later
2015 Memorial Day Car Show Winner!
13666 Posts
Member since:
2009/9/12 19:16

Looks good's time to roll......
Posted on: 2012/3/15 23:43
2010 Grand Sport Coupe A&A Supercharger Ti Trim with Stainless Works Headers and 3" X pipe with Z06 NPP Mufflers....You can hear the thunder the rumble and the roar....

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Matatk Re: Few pics.....more later
SW Chicago Burbs
22106 Posts
Member since:
2008/1/7 0:00

Looks good! How do you like the seats?
Posted on: 2012/3/16 2:35
2002 EBM convertible, Magnusson supercharger, cam, headers, etc.
1989 Corvette...RIP
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Epimax Re: Few pics.....more later
Elite Guru
Wilmington, NC
1814 Posts
Member since:
2008/12/30 13:16


Ultraman wrote:
Looks good's time to roll......

Posted on: 2012/3/16 10:04
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crash Re: Few pics.....more later
977 Posts
Member since:
2007/12/15 0:00

looks great. i like the seats.
Posted on: 2012/3/16 12:08
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RickAnthony Re: Few pics.....more later
ASE Master Certified
Downers Grove, IL
703 Posts
Member since:
2006/8/2 0:00

Me too corbeau's are nice!
Posted on: 2012/3/16 12:29
My Automotive Blog
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NC Kid Re: Few pics.....more later
Elite Guru
North Carolina
1671 Posts
Member since:
2006/11/27 0:00

I LOVE the seats. They sit directly on the floor. About half an inch from it. The stock seats sat about 2-3 inches higher up? They are super tight and you have to fall in the car if your older to get into them. I wouldnt trade em for nothing. I took a hard left turn on a piece of property a few days ago and did a 360 and I did not move one inch out of the seat. Stock seats were slicker than a new born babys bottom!

P.S. The interior is still in progress. As you can tell I have not put back on the Bread box eliminator. All the interior is carbon fiber. I was polishing the breadbox eliminator to give it some more shine so that gapping hole is not there to stay! The carpets dirty but thats because it has not been vacumed. It's all brand new carpet. It was taken in my garage with the lights/windows off/closed so it looks more happy in the sunlight.

Seriously though, if you can get the A4s. You have to drill some holes and have small hands but it's worth it. i almost gave up but I gave it one last shot and got them in. I locktighted teh bolts as well and got the double sliders. I feel they are much more secure and safer than stock seats in racing or in a wreck. I kept my stock seatbelts but I just died them so they look new. I may get a crossbar/5 point harness but right now, I am happy and just want to enjoy it. Id always keep the stock belts regardless of harness's but I am not into racing yet and would rather practice on a desserted piece of land to get the feel and know the car better.

Let me say also, the dynamat was very cheap from amazon and it cut down on the heat from the transmission tunnel way down. Before without carpet when I drove it around, it was a level 9 out of 10 on the heat scale. It's now a level 2 on the heat scale. Big difference.

No more rattles and the exaust went from a 8 inside to a 4. It's hard to work with and very sticky. It's permanent guys but well worth it.

I have talked to TPIS and am going to go with their miniram intake EVENTUALLY. I am saving up for all the parts at once. Heads, cam, injectors, upgraded fuel pump, intake, fuel lines ect. Im not going to nickel and dime the intake this time around. Waste of money and time.

That might happen next year in the winter as a project.

I am also on the verge of getting TPIS headers. I am going to put those on. Put a cat on each outlet and then run true duals through that.

Before you say anything about just one main cat, I thought about it. Im not going that way. Let me explain why

Im not going to lie. I have started to care about the enviroment alot more. Running no cats is not for me. Why am I doing two cats? I want true duals AND it's better for the enviroment. It may not make a big difference but I think every little bit helps. May be wasting money in others opinion but I don't want to live in a smog filled hot planet and I am doing my share. Plus the cats might rob 3 hp. The body can't tell a increase until in gets in the high teens or low 20s in power. Big deal about 3 hp.

Regardless, I am quite pleased and want to make my car a little better for the planet and have the exaust I WANT.

Just an FYI, guys who run no cats, think about it. Do you want your kids/family or even yourself in the late future to live in smog? Not me. I didn't care before but now I do....Google it. I did and it changed my thoughts completly.

Bogus can explain better than I can. Bogus, if your reading this would you please put your .02 cents on running cats. I would greatly appreciate it. You can run one main cat if you choose to. Anything helps and it robs almost nothing with random tech cats.......

Posted on: 2012/3/16 16:39
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bogus Re: Few pics.....more later
Grand Imperial Pooh-Bah
San Pedro, CA
20675 Posts
Member since:
2005/9/7 0:00

Cloth is always better than leather for traction. It will bond with the fabric of your clothes and really hold you in.

The seats look sweet! I hope they are comfortable enough.

I am actually surprised that the dynamat actually quieted the interior. Heat, sure, noise? Rather shocked. I have used it before, and all it did was kill the dull resonance, and not even that all that effectively.

If you are planning all that work with the intake, you may consider a bottom end upgrade. Something to think about.

As for the exhaust, excellent idea to do the bullet cats. Why draw stinky attention, right? I fully like the idea of being responsible, within the spirit of the law. This way, even tho it isn't 100% legal by definition, it is 100% functional and that will avoid potential problems. High flow cats have really changed the game, as NCK said. I hate those damned beaded cats from the 70s... absolute pigs.

As for headers, check out this kit:

From a performance standpoint, true duels are not the best bet. You need some form of a crossover to allow the left to better suck out the gasses from the right and back and forth. This scavenging is very useful... then again, the SAE has a book on exhaust design... some 400 pages and is simply considered a "primer" on the subject. Considering that F1 now uses the exhaust gases (as does Corvette Racing) for aero assistance, that's something more than a little curious.

The latest version of the Corvette C6.r dumps the exhaust onto the side splitter to provide more down force! Plus, they have tweaked the plumbing to better manage flow, in turn, effecting torque and drivability. Amazing.

I have also found that most smog stations are more concerned with the tail pipe than with how it gets there. If the sniff is clean, then they stop looking. I honestly suspect I could get away with that system as long as the cats did their job.

It isn't cheap, but it might prove to be a good value.

Posted on: 2012/3/23 22:53
The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - George Bernard Shaw

Education is the best tool to overcome irrational fear. - me

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rklessdriver Re: Few pics.....more later
Senior Guru
Woodbridge, VA
1315 Posts
Member since:
2008/1/4 0:00

Looks like it's comming along nicely.

On a TPI car like yours that Y-Pipe and single main cat is killing a bunch of power. A 91 6spd that I recently built a 383 Super Ram for, picked up 40RWHP with a dual exhaust conversion...

Cats are good for most cars. I honestly don't run them, but my 92 is a part time car and mostly driven at the track (or to and from the track or special events)....

I have the ARH system for my 92 (not installed yet). We just installed a set on a 96 Grand Sport Vert and it's a super nice system. Pricey but well worth it. My 92 and the GS both have/had EM headers and pipes on them before and the ARH system is far nicer. I'm really looking forward to getting it on my car this year.

I hope you finally get yours the way you want it.
Posted on: 2012/3/24 0:08
1984 Corvette. 434 SBC with a Powerglide.
Best pass - 8.48@160MPH 1.23 60ft on MT 275/60R15 Radials.

1972 Corvette. LS5 454 BBC with M20 4 speed.
Best Pass - Doing good to just pass a gas station.
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