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Both could be power, neither could be.

However, if they are, they should move fore/aft and up down with little more than an electric motor whine....
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pappyfreebird bs er truth
Senior Guru
1028 Posts
Member since:
2007/12/26 0:00

i read in de innerweb plus i kin read wud say bout that fellas wahahaa..ok tech i r sarry bog.i r babbying a 97 c5 n have run 87-89 octane car doesnt seem to notice,,but this knock sensor retardin my timming is something i r curious bout i see why etc,,but heres de innerweb part ..will i really gain good feelin hp by resettin fuses to high octane trim level n then run 91-93 i will have me a faster car??? fuel i dont by itno but retardin timming on ol hogs i undarstand real well loose lil power to gain easy kickstarts it werth it on my 97 fellas..thanks paps
ps shes stock ceptin fer cut out air box front n corsica? muffs?
Posted on: 2016/3/19 19:45
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Ultraman Re: bs er truth
2015 Memorial Day Car Show Winner!
12683 Posts
Member since:
2009/9/12 19:16

Hey Pap.....long time no hear.......the owners manual recommends you use 91 octane says you can use 87 if need be but you will have slightly less performance. My idea is only the best for it a C4 or 5 or 6....they are high performance cars and need to be fed high performance fuel.........especially now when the fuel is so cheap.

On my C6 they recommend using only Tier One fuels of which I use Shell V Power Nitro every chance I get because it helps keep the fuel level sensors clean so they work properly.......which is a C6 thing........

So quit being such a cheap ass and treat your baby to the high test fuel.....
Posted on: 2016/3/20 3:09
2010 Grand Sport Heritage Coupe 3LT Corsa Sport cat back exhausts and Corsa CAI, Engine built by Rick Dadd....You can hear the thunder the rumble and the roar......

First, let's just assume I'm right...that will save us all a lot of time......
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Matatk Re: bs er truth
SW Chicago Burbs
21563 Posts
Member since:
2008/1/7 0:00

If the manual recommends 91, I'd run that. You probably wouldn't notice a difference in slow, daily type traffic, but if you run 87 and it retards the timing under wide open throttle, you will lose power.
Posted on: 2016/3/20 4:08

1989 Corvette...custom 383 stroker, superrammed and cammed, built trans with PeteK 2800 stall. Mustang dyno results: 336 rwhp / 419 rwtq.
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bogus Re: bs er truth
Grand Imperial Pooh-Bah
San Pedro, CA
20488 Posts
Member since:
2005/9/7 0:00

On a C4 LT1, the loss of power was measurable - 25hp - when running 87, vs 91.
Posted on: 2016/6/2 1:16
The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - George Bernard Shaw

Education is the best tool to overcome irrational fear. - me

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pappyfreebird Re: bs er truth
Senior Guru
1028 Posts
Member since:
2007/12/26 0:00

on this question i been 89 fer most part,,but i hafta addmitt i think shes happier with 91 cant say same at 93 but 91 she do seem hotter ,,maybe my head but dont want no knock sensor correctin chit should hafta ping ain cool weather hear it er nawt so i stay 91 now as do feel lil meaner could be jus lighter wallet makes everythin lighter but hey ifn id loose fity lbs id prolly go fastar too
Posted on: 2016/10/14 12:12
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donhall Re: bs er truth
Senior Guru
295 Posts
Member since:
2006/3/5 0:00

May help (?). It is usually prudent to question authority:

"you won’t see a power or fuel efficiency increase by running high octane fuel in an engine that has been tuned and designed for Regular gas, nor will doing so perform any extra ‘cleaning’ inside the motor. On the flip side, running low octane fuel in an engine built for Premium can increase the risk of engine damage and will certainly impact that unit’s overall performance. The next time someone tries to pass these myths off on you, you can try explaining to them how octane ratings really work – or you can just smile and nod, pay for your gas and move on."

From this link:
Posted on: 2016/10/14 13:39
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