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Any Corvette from model year 1968 to 1982 is loosely referred to as a Shark. Stemming from the Mako concepts and a general acceptance that the C3 lo...
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Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Z15 []

A Collector Edition, RPO Z15. 1996 only. Silver with black, red or grey interior. LT1/A4 or LT4/ZF6.

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Print in friendly format Send this term to a friend Z16 []

Also known as the Grand Sport. A one year special. 1000 were made to honor both the end of the C4 and the original racers, called Grand Sports, from 1963. All were Admiral Blue with a white center stripe, red hashes on the left front fender and black wheels, black or black/red interiors. All came with the LT4/ZF6.

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Refers to 1993 Anniversary Editions; also known as Ruby. These are the actual cars honored as anniversary cars. They have RPO Z25 to prove it.

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A 6-speed manual transmission, standard from 1989 to 1996. Very stout. There are two distinct versions, the original “Black Tag,” 1989-E1993, and the “Blue Tag,” L1993-1996. The difference? The Black Tag was made in West Germany; the Blue Tag in the USA. The Black Tag is considered stronger due to the use of straight cut gears. However, the later manuals are still rather strong. Also referred to as an M6 for “Manual 6 speed” or MN6, which was one of its RPO codes.

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