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Generic reference to an automatic equipped C4. All are 4-speed overdrive units....
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TommyT-Bone 06.16.20
Chair-man of the bored
Homestead USA
32174 Posts
Member since:
2007/12/10 0:00


Good morning.
Posted on: 2020/6/16 7:57
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TommyT-Bone Re: 06.16.20
Chair-man of the bored
Homestead USA
32174 Posts
Member since:
2007/12/10 0:00

Well, it's 04:00 and I up over a half hour already. Dog woke me to let the cat in for it's usual mid night snack. I laid back down but couldn't kick back in to sleep mode. Started working on the 928 in my head. Figured I'd just get up. Thankfully I have the mid day nap option. At least I hope I do. I have a delivery in the middle Keys today. Simple drive and drop then return. Nothing overly pressing on the must do front but as usual there is plenty that needs my attention.

Matt, replay on what Tom asked. What are you thinking about doing with the Corvette? Or are you going to become another Tommy T type collector that can't come around to selling any of his prized possessions.

On the health front. I am supposed to be engaging diet modifications that is basically a low cholesterol, low sugar diet. At a stage in my life when I can finally afford to eat many of the foods I was denied because of budgetary restraints when I was younger, I find I have been cheating quite a bit on my doctor recommended lifestyle changes. Red meat, dairy, sodas, shrimp, pasta, fried foods, ice cream, chocolate, juices, crackers, chips and dried fruits are just a some of the things on the naughty list. And of course the smoking thing. I keep trying to convince myself that it's OK to cheat. That's my "Live till I die." approach or the bad angel on my one shoulder. Then there is my good angel telling me "You can do it." Eat low fat turkey and chicken breasts, fish high in omega acids, fruits and nuts, lots of fresh vegetables , drink a good amount of water and quit smoking. Self awareness is part of good health. One thing I am aware of is I haven't had a doughnut for awhile. I usually get a coffee and a couple of donuts to enjoy on the way back from the Keys. Bad angel ............. Bad angel............
Posted on: 2020/6/16 8:17
Edited by TommyT-Bone on 2020/6/16 8:32:56
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djxib Re: 06.16.20
Senior Guru
North Georgia
456 Posts
Member since:
2008/8/23 11:49

Wassup. It's been a while, back in the C4 game (see my post on new members.. should be called "new members and old members who couldn't get corvettes out their blood). Trying to avoid all the news, came back here for some friendly banter.
Posted on: 2020/6/16 12:32

1996 Greenwood Collectors Edition LT4

Previously 1992 Convertible Polo Green. 383 LT1/LT4 forged/balanced. V7-YSi, Alky. 608RWHP... Now sitting at a dismantler with a salvage title. Still runs...
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Ultraman Re: 06.16.20
2015 Memorial Day Car Show Winner!
13573 Posts
Member since:
2009/9/12 19:16

...welcome back dj.....we got banter here......

Tommy in my estimation its time to change doctors.....

Got a big hole in the wall in the shop building where the new garage door and bay is going...... lots of stuff laying around as the work continues...... I would post some pics but do not know how anymore.... this forum is not pic friendly anymore...

gotta go..... have a swell day Guru's

Posted on: 2020/6/16 13:11
2010 Grand Sport Coupe A&A Supercharger Ti Trim with Stainless Works Headers and 3" X pipe with Z06 NPP Mufflers....You can hear the thunder the rumble and the roar....

Vote Trump in 2020.... He is kicking ass and isn't done.
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teebee Re: 06.16.20
2014 Memorial Day Car Show Winner!
Lakin, Kansas 67860
11131 Posts
Member since:
2005/9/16 0:00

Morning guys... Welcome back DJ. Yea, we have banter.

More hot and windy relief in site... well they say we have a chance for a cool down next week, but 90-92 isn't much relief.

Some things to do in the shop again today.

Posted on: 2020/6/16 14:14
2007 Atomic Orange 3LT coupe. Borla Exhaust

One of Americas' proud Deplorable

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vetteblondie Re: 06.16.20
Master Guru
Jonesboro, AR
3735 Posts
Member since:
2007/4/3 0:00

Hope everyone has had a good last few days and today as well. quick break at work then back at it. This place has me stressed out and too many jobs at once to work on plus some junk blew up at home in regards to the nursing home and DHS. And some family can't seem to understand you have enough to do and don't need their drama. Same goes for some customers. I have a couple that can't understand why I can't shove their jobs in ahead of some pre-paid others . They waited till the last minute and this time of the year is not when we are able to accommodate last minute anything. I have too many others in ahead that have paid. They come first. I do things in the order that I get them and often am working on several at once.
anywho, hope y'all have a more peaceful day - I'd like to be home it's beautiful here. Was supposed to be this past weekend but alas it was cloudy and even rained some. figures it's nice when I'm stuck indoors -
Posted on: 2020/6/17 19:04
The answer to any question that begins with "Am I the only one who..." is always "no".
´┐ŻUgol's Law

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